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Systems Integration
Is your network built to allow your company to work better as a team, rather than individual users? System Integration is the process of connecting a network, either through software or hardware, together to make one cohesive system. An integrated system uses networks, computer hardware, applications, and custom design.

System Integration Challenges
Are you preparing to install a new computer system and integrate that with an existing system? Are you prepared for the challenges that come with integrating new technology with old technology? There are many challenges with system integration, but the main challenges include: Team Cohesion, Integration Plan, and Cost.

Team cohesion involves bringing different teams together that may or may not have worked together before. This is important because different software developers, hardware vendors, and installers need to work together to make the integration a success. If one of these groups falls behind or is difficult to work with, it can cause a project to fail.

An integration plan is important because it defines what will be integrated, how it will be integrated, and a timeline for the integration to occur. Planning what to integrate allows for clear roles to be defined, separating the responsibilities between everyone in the project. Implementing the integration involves a plan for each portion of the integration, as well as contingencies in the event that it does not go as planned. The timeline is probably the most important part of the integration plan. It will set specific dates and times that the integration will occur. This sets expectations for those involved in the project.
Cost is also important when planning an integration. Since no two projects are alike, a budget needs to be set up to allow for contingency plans. Additional hardware, software, or technical expertise may be needed in order to accomplish the project.

System Integration Value
Systems Integration is very valuable to the success of your company. Following a good integration plan will allow your company to minimize cost and maximize the return of their Information Technology investment. The list below shows the some of the value that Systems Integration will provide to your business:

  • Access to Real-Time Data
  • Leaner Business Processes
  • Higher Employee Performance
  • Increased Employee Flexibility
  • Maximize Network Security

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