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IT Consulting
Information technology consulting has become a mainstay for medium to large businesses that want to supplement their day-to-day IT staff with third party computer technicians. These technicians typically have experience in a variety of fields that will ensure the success of your Information Technology department and their projects. Prophet Network Integration offers comprehensive technology consulting services. We have a trained, knowledgeable, and experienced team of consultants on staff to help make sure project a success.

There are typically three roles that an IT consultant from PNI will fill for your company: Project Planning, Project Implementation, and Project Support.

Project Planning
Project Planning is the plan or development of a project. The project plan typically defines a scope, potential cost or budget, and time-frame for the implementation of the project. This is typically the first step in developing a successful project. As an IT consultant, PNI will help define a scope of work, assist with creating a realistic budget, and plan around the time-frame that is needed to make the project a success.

Project Implementation
Project Implementation is turning the plan in to a reality. This is typically the most labor intensive portion of the project. The implementation can include imaging, installing, and networking new computers or deploying new network hardware. PNI can help with project implementation by assisting your staff with the deployment process or handling the upper level network design.

Project Support
Project Support revolves around setting long-term goals that the IT staff and IT consultants can focus on achieving. This typically includes maintenance of the computer equipment or consulting for future planning and implementation. Prophet Network Integration is focused on developing long term relationships with our clients. We feel that support our clients after the implementation is just as important as the planning and implementation.
Prophet Network Integration can provide consulting support for the following:
Computer/Laptop/Server Refreshment Projects
Network Design
Network Support
Software Implementation (Electronic Medical Records, CAD Software, Financial Software)
Storage Expansion
Backup Management
Office Relocation
Strategic IT Planning
Staff Augmentation
Email Deployment, Anti-Spam, Security
Any Many Other Related Services

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Areas of Focus

  • Software Solutions for all Computers
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Break/Fix Service Calls
  • Remote Monitoring & Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Updates/Security Patching
  • Break/Fix Service Calls
  • Replacement Handsets
  • Call Flow Changes
  • Recording Changes
  • Multi-Site Connectivity
  • VOiP Products

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