“One of the greatest experiences we’ve had with PNI is growing together. Since we’ve signed up with PNI, our company has tripled in size.”


At PNI, we recommend only the best products to our customers. Leveraging commercially established name brands allows us to provide our customers with a reliable and stable solutions that have long term parts and support availability.

At PNI we partner with corporations that provide a solid sales and support teams.

Whether you are looking for printers, laptops, servers, or personal computers, firewall or networking components PNI can provide quality technology at reasonable prices.

Worried your servers or network are out of date? We can assess your network and its components and let you know what needs to happen to continue your business without outages.

IT is an intricate mesh of platforms, systems and applications, many of which have overlapping functionality, and are designed with several standards. Attempting to connect them or align them with a business process can be costly, time-consuming, and a risky venture.

PNI’s Systems Integration Solutions can help balance increasing technology intricacy and the decreasing time given to deliver results. We start with a tactical view of your systems and architecture. We will identify opportunities to put your organization on a path toward better alignment with your business plan and critical processes.

IT Outsourcing Quick Fact
“Whether it’s improving service for employees, or giving customers access to 24/7 service, outsourcing IT allows businesses to do both and reduce costs.”
Suite101.com – Benefits of Outsourced IT for Small Businesses