“We got EXACTLY what we needed for a very reasonable price and limited down time.”


Prophet Network Integration has developed an Information Technology Outsourcing solution that allows your medium to large sized businesses to focus on their proficiency rather than managing their technology.
IT Outsourcing can benefit all medium to large businesses.  As your company grows, so do your technology needs.  Is a remote or on-site pay-per-call service the right choice for your company?

Call PNI today and we can point out the many benefits of outsourcing your IT department, such as:

  • Full-time, on-site IT professionals

    Have you ever wished that your IT staff was just a phone call away and were focused on your company and were available anytime for you?  Full-Time IT outsourcing will provide you with an IT staff that resides in an office in your building.  They are there to monitor your computers, laptops, printers, servers, backups, and storage devices.  There are no more phone calls to make, no more waiting around 4-8 hours for service, and no more receptionist that ‘schedules’ your call with a different tech every time.  With PNI’s IT Outsourcing solution, you get the same tech, right away, every time.

  • Ability to leverage experience beyond the on-site staff
    Do you ever feel like your IT guru may not have the exact answer that you are looking for?  With IT outsourcing, you have the opportunity to leverage experience beyond the IT staff that is managing your computers and networking equipment.  You can reach out to any of our staff members to find an answer that meets your expectations.  With PNI’s IT Outsourcing solution, you have access to Network Engineers, SQL Administrators, and other upper level support staff.
  • Ability to focus on your objectives

    Have you ever felt overloaded while your are trying to expand your business?  In times of growth, you need to focus on expanding your core business, not expanding your technology.  Outsourcing your IT department to a full-time staff allows you to delegate installation of new computers, networking components, and servers to the IT staff.  PNI’s IT Outsourcing solution allows you to focus on your core business without sacrificing or focusing too much on expanding your technology.

  • Cost Savings over pay-per-call services

    Is your company expanding so fast that your current IT provider will be on-site more than 15 hours per week?  It you think this may be the case, look to PNI for IT Outsourcing instead of a pay-per-call service.  You can save money and have a full-time technician to monitor and manage the day to day troubleshooting of your network.  PNI’s IT Outsourcing solution is a great way to save money over pay-per-call services.

  • Reduced Internal Overhead

    Do you ever feel like you need to reduce your overhead costs when expanding your business?  Information Technology, along with Human Resources, Facilities, and Finance, is outsourced the most in medium to large businesses.  Outsourcing IT allows you to keep technology running smoothly without investing in the overhead of a full time employee.  PNI’s IT Outsourcing solution helps you reduce the internal costs associated with an IT department.

  • Do you have additional questions regarding the benefit of IT Outsourcing?  Call PNI today and we will answer any questions that you have, 602-454-0471.
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IT Outsourcing Quick Fact
“Whether it’s improving service for employees, or giving customers access to 24/7 service, outsourcing IT allows businesses to do both and reduce costs.”
Suite101.com – Benefits of Outsourced IT for Small Businesses