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Network Planning

Do you feel like you have out-grown your network? Network planning is a complicated process that includes the design and implementation of a network that meets the current and future needs of the user. Prophet Network Integration can customize a network plan for you that will help you meet short and long-term goals for your information technology infrastructure.

Methodology is the planning, sourcing, and implementation of the network. When setting up a new network, a PNI network specialist will meet with you to go over the following:

Business Plan
Lifetime Network Plan (Short & Long Term Goals)
Equipment Acquisition/Implementation
Operations and Maintenance
Hardware Decommissioning

Business/Network Plan
When implementing a network plan, it is very important to meet with your network specialist regarding various aspects of your business plan. Questions may arise, such as: How many employees do you plan to hire each year? Will employees be mobile or office based? What types of software applications will you use? What are your goals for the next five years? These questions will help your network specialist design a network plan that can adapt and grow with your company.

Equipment Acquisition/Implementation
After creating a network plan, your network specialist will help you acquire and implement the equipment that will make your business successful. This equipment typically includes Internet service, domain, firewall, servers, switches, wireless, computers, laptops, and printers. This equipment is tailored to fit your business model and installed by a friendly PNI technician.
Is your company mobile? An Internet connection, firewall, server, and laptops meet your needs. Are you operating a call center? Internet, servers, computers, and wireless is a partial list of some of the equipment you may need. Your network specialist will help with acquiring and implementing your network hardware.

After a network is implemented, users must be trained and it needs to be properly maintained. PNI’s staff can offer your employees training on how to operate the equipment. Proper training is essential to make sure that the computers are used in a manner that maximizes their potential.

PNI also offers day-to-day maintenance of network systems. Network troubleshooting, backup monitoring, software installation, server repair, desktop troubleshooting, and virus removal are just some of the services that are offered. With PNI, you receive a network technician that has the training and experience to make sure that you network exceeds your expectations.

Hardware Decommission
A typical network is designed to last from 5-7 years. A good network plan follows a replacement schedule for different devices that are implemented in your network.

HP and Intel partnered together and created a case study that analyzes the potential costs of replacing computers based on a 3 and 5 year life-cycle. That article can be read here.

Companies need to plan for equipment expansion and replacement when the time comes. Following this schedule will minimize network downtime and maximize employee productivity.

Are you ready to create a network plan? Call PNI today to have one of our network specialists meet with you!

Why is PNI different?

Less Downtime
PNI is quick to respond when an issue occurs.

Scheduled Updates
PNI is proactive. We schedule monthly updates to your software.

Data Protection
PNI monitors your backups so you know when if it fails.

Network Scalability
PNI works with you to develop a plan as you grow.

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