“The atmosphere at PNI is ideal
for putting my education to use.”


Technology Careers
Thank you for your interest in a career with Prophet Network Integration. PNI is always looking for quality employees that can contribute to our success as a company. Our goal is to create a fun and friendly work environment that is focused on providing quality service to our clients.

Employment Opportunities
Prophet Network Integration is always looking for employees that we can continue to build around. PNI is located in Tempe, Arizona. PNI is an equal opportunity employer. For a list of current positions, please call 602-454-0471 or complete the form below and our HR department will review it and get back to you.

Network Security Technology Tips

  1. Use strong passwords, such as B!rth4@y, this is easy to remember and makes it harder for hackers to discover.
  2. Make sure that your computer locks after a reasonable amount of time. If out of eyesight, lock your computer.
  3. Have your IT staff regularly update the software on your computers to limit vulnerabilities.